Dear Friend of St. Gerard

I am pleased to wish each of you a very a happy Feast of St. Gerard, especially to all the members of the League of Saint Gerard, all the Prayer Angels of St. Gerard on Facebook and all who are dedicated to promoting devotion to St. Gerard Majella as the Mothers’ Saint! May today’s celebration be a special moment of grace and blessing for each of you.

I am pleased to present this Feast Day edition of the League of St. Gerard Newsletter. In it Redemptorist Brother Gerry Patin, shares his personal story of how he and his mother nearly died at birth, but for the intercession of St. Gerard. As a result, he came to know and love St. Gerard from his earliest days, both in his home and his parish. He tells us how his ministry over the years, as a Redemptorist brother, has brought him in touch with many people who have great faith in St. Gerard’s intercession.

In the second article Father Joe Dorcey speaks about making St. Gerard known and loved, and spreading and promoting devotion to him today, especially through social media. He ends with a special invitation for any and all to feel free to write down their reflections about St. Gerard and his intercession and submit them as possible material for future articles in the League of St. Gerard Newsletter.

I hope these articles, together with the testimonials, will provide encouragement and inspiration for all the readers of this newsletter.

I remind you again of the St. Gerard Majella shrine here in the chapel of our provincial offices in Denver, Colorado. For two years now we have had a special place for veneration of his image. Along with the statue, one can also find the League of St. Gerard Enrollment Book, which contains the names of the 13,643 members who joined the League before the headquarters moved to Denver, and the nearly 2,700 who have enrolled in the last three years. It is important to remember that every Wednesday, in this same chapel, Mass is offered for all the members of the League and their intentions.

On this Feast of St. Gerard Majella, I and my fellow Redemptorists send a fond greeting and God’s blessing to all mothers. May you all be especially blessed not only this day, but every day, so that you have all the graces you need to fulfill your wonderful vocation and mission in life.

Please encourage others to join the League of St. Gerard, to share this newsletter with family and friends and to tell everyone about St. Gerard’s website and Facebook page dedicated to praying for and bringing hope to all mothers.

In solidarity with St. Gerard and all mothers,




Fr. Allan Weinert, C.Ss.R.


St. Gerard Novena Book Available Online!

Prayer to St. Gerard

Blessed St. Gerard,
on this day, in 1755,
you ultimately and completely
surrendered your entire life
into God’s loving hands.
Today we celebrate
your complete victory over sin and death,
your definitive entry into the Kingdom
where God’s Love reigns forever.
We celebrate your feast,
honoring your passage through death
to the fullness of life in Christ.

We celebrate God’s holiness dwelling within you,
that which has made you one of God’s many saints.
We ask your blessing upon and prayerful intercession
for all mothers: pregnant women, especially those
with high risk pregnancies or difficult deliveries;
and those women who long to be mothers,
but have trouble conceiving.

We pray for all who desire to be mothers,
that they be blessed with the grace to conceive,
carry well and full-term, and safely deliver healthy babies,
and raise their children to be holy.

Dear St. Gerard, forever friend of all mothers,
please obtain for them
the grace to persevere in living
their motherly vocation and mission,
with loving arms and hearts,
patient love and compassion,
quiet, peace-filled joy and undying hope.