Almost every day we get messages from people giving witness to St. Gerard Majella’s powerful intercession: overcoming infertility, receiving the gift of motherhood, getting through a difficult pregnancy, a safe delivery, a healthy baby, a relationship restored, healing and health recovered, to name a few. We want to share a sample of these messages here because they inspire three things we all desperately need: faith, hope and love. Submit your own testimonial here.



Thank you, God our Father, for our handsome and healthy baby, Gerard Vince. We named our son after St. Gerard and St. Vicente Ferrer. Thank you St. Gerard for always praying for us to God. Thank you Mama Mary for inspiring all the mothers to be like you, loving and caring, especially to their children. We are truly grateful to God for the new and very precious addition to our family who brings so much love and joy to our hearts. Thank you too to all our prayer companions in the League of St. Gerard. May all of us be blessed and may we continue to pray for each other. We want to share with all of you the picture of our son during his baptism. This month he will be six months old. Thank you and God bless you all! We want to thank everyone for your prayers for us and our children. Please continue to pray for us.

Grateful and blessed:Tatay Van, Nanay Reych, Ate Yana and Baby Gerard


Dear Saint Gerard, I want to thank you again, this time for my safe delivery of a 6.4 lbs. baby girl last September 2nd. I believe that it is through your help that we were able to overcome everything. I was in labor for twelve hours, but I knew deep in my heart that everything was worth it the moment I kissed my baby. I am also grateful because my husband and the rest of my family were with me through it all. Praise and thank God for God is always good. He protected us all the way. Please help us pray, dear Saint Gerard, for my baby’s good health. Thank you so much and I pray that more and more people, especially women, will be blessed by God through St. Gerard. God bless you always.


St. Gerard, I want to thank you for guiding us during my delivery. I gave birth to a healthy baby boy (CS). Please continue to pray for us, to be healthy and for the whole family, to be more fruitful, and a blessing for others too. And thank you to all who those prayed for us.


Saint Gerard, I would like to thank you for your intercession. I just had a quick, normal birth today of a happy, healthy, and beautiful baby. Thank you for the prayers.”


I would like to thank the League of St. Gerard Prayer Angels because I have safely delivered my son, Franco Juanpablo, via C-section. Thank you so much for all your prayers throughout my pregnancy. Please share my blessing and testimony of faith that, after two miscarriages, I finally have my son. Thank you so much for your prayers.


Thank you, Fr. Dorcey, and to all in the League of St. Gerard, for welcoming me. Just yesterday I received the envelope with the letter and certificate of membership, together with the religious material that will help strengthen my faith in our Lord, and especially in St. Gerard Majella. I send to you my deepest gratitude for this wonderful gift. I never imagined that you would reach out and communicate with our country. Your sending this enrollment material and your prayers for us Filipino women is very a heart-warming action. Our sincere thanks to all of you. I feel so blessed and I believe that with your letter my prayers also have been answered, my baby will now come and our family will be complete soon. Thank you, St. Gerard.


I would just like to say thank you to St. Gerard Majella and all those who prayed for me on June 22, 2017. I just had a beautiful little girl. God bless her, she weighed 7lbs., 15oz. Finally, after eight years, my son has a beautiful little sister. Thank you, St. Gerard, for being with me throughout my pregnancy and for a safe delivery. The baby and I are doing well.


I would like to thank everyone for your prayers. God has done it for me. I had a safe delivery, mother and child are doing fine. Thank you Saint Gerard. Grazie mille. My baby’s name is Angel, born on Tuesday, the 6th of June, at 6:30 pm. Thank you all so much for your prayers. I’m so happy. I thank Saint Gerard for everything from the first day to the end. ❤️ you all.


Lord Jesus, through the intercession of St. Gerard Majella, thank you for the most precious gift you’ve given us. Our healthy, pretty baby was born this past June 6, 2017 at 10:15 AM, through C-section. She is now a week old and we are so happy to be blessed with her. I also want to thank the prayer angels who helped us pray from the start of my pregnancy up to delivery. Let us continue praying for others to help them witness this same miracle from our dear God. I am so grateful to each one of you and of course to Saint Gerard. Thanks! Amen.


Good morning! I will be full-term on May 15th. I’ve been sending prayer requests to your page since day one of my pregnancy and everything has turned out well, through the intercession of St. Gerard Majella, and also through the help of prayers from unknown people on your page. I can’t wait to see my little baby, Majel, soon hopefully. Lord God grant my prayer of having a worry-free delivery and a beautiful, healthy baby. Thank you so much for always praying with me. Thank you Lord God, Jesus. Thank you St. Gerard Majella and thank you so much to all of you who helped me pray.

“Hi, first of all I would like to say thank you to everyone who prayed for a safe delivery, which occurred on May 27th, by the grace of our Lord Jesus and through the intercession of St. Gerard Majella. Thank you for giving me such a beautiful, healthy baby, named Majel. We are still inside the hospital for a series of laboratories for my baby, but I truly believe that God will continue to bless us, especially my baby, with good health and we will probably have normal lab results and leave the hospital soon. Thank you so much and God bless!

Hi, we are now out of the hospital. Yes, of course, I’d be very happy if you would post my message as a thanksgiving, including my baby Majel’s photo. Hopefully this will be an inspiration for others hoping to be mothers and for child-bearing mothers not to forget to ask for help and to pray to our Lord, Jesus Christ, through the intercession of St. Gerard Majella. Thank you so much also for this page. My heart is rejoicing and I can’t find enough words to say how thankful I am. Amen.


Dear Prayer Angels of St. Gerard Majella, my husband Paolo and I are extremely happy for the precious little gift we have received from God this past May 26, 2017, who we lovingly call Matthew (gift from God) Allan, aka U1. We are forever grateful for the prayers and support from all of you through the kind facilitation of this organization, without which I cannot imagine how we could have coped with all the struggles we experienced due to my high risk pregnancy. Again, thank you and I pray that blessings of parenthood/motherhood will be experienced by those who are truly longing for it, because everyone deserves the chance to nurture and form another individual, and be called mom & dad. God bless you all and more power to this wonderful organization!

It would be great if you could post my thanksgiving message so that others with similar experience/condition as I had would know the power of prayer and know that, through the intercession of St. Gerard Majella, God does listen and grant us blessings, in God’s perfect timing! Again, thank you and God bless you all!


I had asked for prayers last year when I was expecting my baby. She’s now eight months old. I had a safe delivery. She’s healthy and I thank God for her every day of my life. Thank you, St. Gerard Majella, the Mothers’ Saint.


Dear Saint Gerard Majella, today I am very thankful and grateful to you because I received my package of novena, certificate and medal. I am very happy as this week is my birthday week. This is one of the best birthday presents I received. I am very excited to start my novena to you, Saint Gerard Majella. Please continue to include us in your prayers, that my husband and I will be blessed with the gift of a new life, the fruit of the womb and be good parents to our first child. Through your intercession, Saint Gerard Majella, and our Mother of Perpetual Help, I make this petition to hear my prayers. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.


I once asked for your prayers that I would be able to deliver my baby at full-term without any complications, since I had a low lying placenta. After premature labor at 36 weeks, followed by heavy bleeding at 37 weeks, I prayed to St. Gerard Majella to keep my baby and me safe until the right time. Now I can say that my prayer was answered through your help. I cannot thank St. Gerard Majella enough. I personally witnessed his miracle, by bringing my baby into the world at full-term without any complications. And I did not even have to undergo a blood transfusion after my C-section operation, since I was diagnosed with placenta previa totalis. I hope that my story will serve as an inspiration to others that they may not lose hope and always keep their faith. In the name of Almighty God and Jesus Christ, thank you St. Gerard Majella. Amen. See God’s miracle (photo).


Today as we celebrate our son Dylan’s sixth month, we would like to thank again the many people who prayed with us, especially the friends of St. Gerard, who prayed for Dylan to be healthy, after being born prematurely on November 24, 2016. Although he was born ten weeks early, there were no complications with his health and we were able to bring him home after two months in the hospital. He is growing and thriving and reaching his developmental milestones on time. We give thanks and praise to the Lord for the gift of Dylan. We also thank Mama Mary and St. Gerard for their intercession. We are truly blessed. Thank you and may God bless us all.


I just wanted to thank you so much for your prayers. I gave birth to a beautiful and healthy baby boy on May 11th and all went well. I was on the 9th day of my novena to St Gerard and it was on that day my baby boy arrived (almost three weeks early). St. Gerard has helped me again so much throughout this pregnancy and delivery and I can truly say my prayers were answered. I will continue to pray for all his prayer angels as they so kindly prayed for me and my baby. Thank you again so much!!


On behalf of the members of the League of St. Gerard Majella, Holy Spirit Catholic Church, Onireke, Lagos, Nigeria, I want to express our appreciation to you for the good work you’re doing to promote this humble saint.

My members received their certificate of membership, booklet, medal and leaflets with gratitude. Thank you for the support and encouragement I have received from you and your associates. I am pleased, proud and consider it a privilege to be a member of the League of St. Gerard. I love you all.

I am happy to tell you that people in my parish are now showing interest to belong to the League and the certificate of membership you sent was a source of encouragement to both old and new members.

I promise that by October 16th, the feast of St. Gerard, I will send a photograph of our group. Always remember us in your prayers, that we might grow in number and in spirit.

Thank you and God bless.
Mrs. Vera Nkem Frank-Omenedo
President, League of St. Gerard Majella
Holy Spirit Catholic Church
Onireke, Lagos, Nigeria


Hi, good day, I would like to share my gratitude to the Lord and especially to our dearest St. Gerard. I gave birth to a healthy baby boy last April 29th, at exactly 12:50 in the afternoon. After two years of praying and working here he is now. He cries so loud that anybody would be kept awake. But those cries sound like an angel calling me and telling me ‘Mama, I need you. Come please pick me up and hug me oh so tight.’ As of this moment, there is nothing I can ask for more than my son. He is my everything, my breath, my life. On behalf of my husband, who supported me all throughout my pregnancy, who was always there whenever needed, we would like to say that we are so blessed that St. Gerard interceded for us. He is truly a miraculous Saint of Mothers. Just believe and trust, soon the answers will be yours. Thank you, Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. Also, thank you to the people behind this organization who are willing to help and pray on behalf of the people who badly need prayers. Thank you so much. May the Lord keep blessing you and the friends of St. Gerard.


Thank you, St. Gerard Majella, for blessing me with a healthy and beautiful baby boy, born May 10th. Thank you for interceding on my behalf for a safe and uncomplicated delivery. Truly blessed and eternally grateful. Amen.


A miracle really happened to me with the help of prayers. On April 17th, I enrolled in the League of St. Gerard on his web site hoping to conceive. In the first week of May the certificate and novena arrived. I used the novena booklet when I visited the Father Pio Shrine on May 5th. I’m really happy and amazed because having the novena gives me hope, when I was about to give up. But now I lift everything to God. On May 6th, the next day, the miracle happened to me. For the first time, I tried a pregnancy test at home and it was positive. God has a plan for me, and having genuine love and prayer is really powerful. Thank you for including me in your prayers! I know you helped me a lot! The novena is very touching and every time I pray and read the novena I always cry. Thank you so much. I hope you keep me in your prayers. I am spreading news of this miracle too and everyone is amazed! Our God is amazing! The miracle is real! You helped us a lot! The moment I got the package with the enrollment materials I wanted to cry because it gave me hope! And it really happened! I can’t express how happy and thankful I am! You can post my story.


Thank you so much for all your prayers. Jimmy arrived by cesarean section on May 4th. He is a fine, healthy boy. Thank you for all your prayers and I hope you will continue to pray for my wee family. I am so grateful for everyone’s prayers.


Thank you, Saint Gerard, for all the blessings we have received, especially the gift of a new, unique life, my son. He is the result of my novena prayer to Saint Gerard, so we decided to call him Aethlan Lord Gerard. Thank you so much. Please continue to bless us. Amen.


Hi, I wrote to you, St. Gerard, when I was expecting my baby boy and I just wanted to thank you for all the prayers. My baby boy is now four months old and we are so happy with him. He is our world. He was sick with bronchitis two weeks ago but he is better now. I just wanted to show you our lovely boy. Keep praying for him because he’s not drinking much from his bottles. I’m a little bit worried. His name is Tom, Mommy’s pride and joy.


St. Gerard Novena Book Available Online!

Prayer to St. Gerard

Blessed St. Gerard,
on this day, in 1755,
you ultimately and completely
surrendered your entire life
into God’s loving hands.
Today we celebrate
your complete victory over sin and death,
your definitive entry into the Kingdom
where God’s Love reigns forever.
We celebrate your feast,
honoring your passage through death
to the fullness of life in Christ.

We celebrate God’s holiness dwelling within you,
that which has made you one of God’s many saints.
We ask your blessing upon and prayerful intercession
for all mothers: pregnant women, especially those
with high risk pregnancies or difficult deliveries;
and those women who long to be mothers,
but have trouble conceiving.

We pray for all who desire to be mothers,
that they be blessed with the grace to conceive,
carry well and full-term, and safely deliver healthy babies,
and raise their children to be holy.

Dear St. Gerard, forever friend of all mothers,
please obtain for them
the grace to persevere in living
their motherly vocation and mission,
with loving arms and hearts,
patient love and compassion,
quiet, peace-filled joy and undying hope.