Almost every day we get messages from people giving witness to St. Gerard Majella’s powerful intercession: overcoming infertility, receiving the gift of motherhood, getting through a difficult pregnancy, a safe delivery, a healthy baby, a relationship restored, healing and health recovered, to name a few. We want to share a sample of these messages here because they inspire three things we all desperately need: faith, hope and love. Submit your own testimonial here.



After waiting many years, I finally got my wee baby. I prayed every day to St. Gerard and I believe this is what brought my baby safely into the world.


Thank you very much. I am so overwhelmed. Thanks be to God! Saint Gerard Majella, with all my heart, I am here, gratefully, to give you thanks for a wonderful wish granted. I believe in your intervention. I gave birth last March 27th to a lovely, healthy baby girl. Through you, with God, all is possible. May you guide me to fulfill my duties as a mother and watch over my daughter to be safe and sound all the time. Amen. Thank you ever so much.


I am so blessed to have enrolled in the League of St Gerard. I prayed to St Gerard 43 years ago because I was having problems getting pregnant. One year after the novenas, I held my first child, Natalie, in my arms. A couple of years later we had a son, Anthony Gerard. I am forever grateful, with heartfelt gratitude.


Thank you so very much for all the miracle prayers for Charles. God’s healing hand came upon him at just the right time. He is now on vacation in France with his mom and dad. Thank you God for all the love. Thank you, Prayer Angels, for all the prayers for us and especially for Charles. God bless.


With great joy and gratefulness to St. Gerard I would like to inform you that I gave birth to a healthy baby girl this past June 1st. I can’t thank God and St. Gerard enough. I’m grateful for all the prayers I received from all of you, the Prayer Angels of St. Gerard. Thank you so very much.


Baby Harley is back home now. She is our miracle baby! Everyone is so pleased. Thank you and bless you all for your prayers. Praise the Lord.


I want to post a thanksgiving on St. Gerard’s FB timeline. I want to give thanks to St. Gerard. I already gave birth on July 18th, at exactly 12:45 p.m. By God’s grace my baby boy and I are safe and healthy, already discharged from the hospital. Thank you, Lord God. I named him Timothy James, meaning “in God’s honor.


I’ve been following Saint Gerard Majella’s Facebook page since 2013. I have requested prayers for me to be blessed with the grace to conceive. I never stopped praying and sharing this page with my friends, because it really helps us. And now, after the many miscarriages I’ve been through, God has given me the strength to fight and be strong. Finally I have my healthy and beautiful baby girl, who is turning eight months old. Her name is Sofia Gabrielle. I just want to share my experience. I hope it will inspire many others and help them to keep their faith. Thank you for allowing me to share my story. Please include us in your prayers. God bless us all.


Thanks for all your prayers. Thanks to St. Gerard. I gave birth to a healthy baby boy, our son, Stephen Nathan, on June 20th. Pray for our good health. Pray for him. Pray for us. Thank you.


I would like to request prayers of thanksgiving. I already gave birth this past June 11th, to a healthy baby boy. Thank you to all the prayers angels and to St. Gerard Majella. God is so good. Amen.


Thank you loving Father. Please meet our second son, Jarred. Thank you, Lord, for your goodness and blessing. We would love for more of St. Gerard’s Prayer Angels to give thanks with us. Thank you all.


Thank you, Lord. Thank you, St. Gerard Majella. This is my baby boy, Alonzo Abram. I delivered him successfully and safely this past May 20, 2018, at 5:32 p.m., by cesarean section. Thank you for all your prayers. Thank you, God and St. Gerard. Guide me and my baby on this new journey.


Thank you so much Saint Gerard. Victoria just had Lucciana after many hours in labor. Thank you so much. They are both safe and healthy. It is wonderful. See my two nieces, Victoria and her baby Luccianna. Thank you so much for all the prayers.


St. Gerard Novena Book Available Online!

Prayer to St. Gerard

Dear St. Gerard, on this day in 1755
you gave your entire life back to God,
ultimately and completely.

Today we celebrate
your total victory over sin and death,
and your definitive entry into the Kingdom
where God’s Love reigns forever.

We celebrate your feast,
honoring your passage through death
to the fullness of life in Christ.
We celebrate God’s holiness dwelling actively within you,
transforming you into one of God’s many saints.

We ask your blessing upon
and prayerful intercession
for all women who are already mothers
and for all pregnant women,
especially those with high risk pregnancies
or facing difficult deliveries;
and for all women who long to be mothers,
but are finding it difficult to conceive.

May they be blessed with the fruit of the womb.
May all mothers raise their children to seek,
know, love and serve God and so
become holy saints like Saint Gerard.

Dear St. Gerard, faithful friend,
obtain for of all mothers the grace
to persevere in living their vocation
and completing their motherly mission,
with loving arms and hearts,
patient love and compassion,
quiet, peace-filled joy and undying hope.

Through Christ, our Lord.