A Website Promoting Devotion to Saint Gerard Majella

Saint Gerard Majella is the Redemptorist saint known around the world as the patron of expectant mothers. This website has been developed with input from the Redemptorists, the Catholic congregation of priests and brothers to which St. Gerard Majella belonged.

Together with our Facebook page, this website serves as an online community of prayer and support for all mothers, mothers-to-be, and those trying to conceive. The resources and Catholic professionals featured on our website are faithful to the teachings of the Catholic Church. Catholic women and mothers looking for moral and spiritual guidance on issues related to childbirth and childrearing can refer to these sources with complete confidence.

This website also provides links to the League of St. Gerard. The league, sponsored by the Redemptorist Missionaries of the Province of Denver, is designed to promote devotion to St. Gerard Majella, the Mothers’ Saint, and to create an ever-growing prayer community that prays constantly for mothers, pregnant women, women hoping to become mothers, for children with special needs or who are sick, and for mothers who have lost a child.


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