Prayer of the Week (September 29, 2014):


Saint Gerard, every child is a miracle, a gift from God. Help us to deeply cherish our children and all the children around us. Help us to always protect every child, especially the most vulnerable, from any and all that would harm them or damage them in any way, from any and all abuse, whether physical, sexual, emotional or psychological, etc. Help us create societies in a world where they can be nurtured and nourished, growing in wisdom, grace and favor before God. May every home be a school where children learn that which can only be learned there and is the most important thing we need to learn here on earth – to truly love.

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In Christ our Redeemer,

Fr. Allan Weinert, C.Ss.R.



Blessing for Mothers


Saint Gerard is known throughout the world as a mighty intercessor for young women and mothers, especially women who are trying to conceive, have difficult pregnancies, have faced pregnancy loss, or have other special needs or prayer requests for their families.

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