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Gerard Majella was born in the small Italian town of Muro, early in the morning of April 6, 1726. He would be 288 years old today, had he not died on October 16, 1755, at the young age of 29. But just as we know that Christ rose from the dead and all who believe in him will rise with him, so we are confident that Gerard Majella is a saint living in God’s eternal presence, beyond the finite confines of this world, never tiring of interceding for us and working miracles, especially for mothers, mothers-to-be and those who desire to be mothers. Today we recall the Latin inscription on his tombstone at Materdomini: For the greater glory of God, Gerard Majella, a lay brother of the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer, whose simplicity of manner, brightness of innocence, contempt for all earthly things, the constant and implacable chastisement of the body, outstanding obedience fragrant love of God, were so attested by wonders and gifts of grace that he seemed like a man of heaven or an angel on earth, Born in Muro, 6 April 1726, died October 16, 1755.

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