We Are a Prayer Community
Dedicated to Mothers

The League of St. Gerard is designed to promote devotion to St. Gerard Majella, the Mothers’ Saint, and to create an ever-growing prayer community that prays constantly for mothers, pregnant women, women hoping to become mothers, for children with special needs or who are sick, and for mothers who have lost a child.

The Feast of St. Gerard

October 16 marks the feast of Redemptorist brother St. Gerard. St. Gerard Majella is the patron saint of childbirth, children and pregnant women.

Learn More About St. Gerard

The Redemptorist saint, Gerard Majella, is very popular with expectant mothers. Countless couples who were finding it difficult to conceive turned to St. Gerard and were blessed with children. He has also been a source of strength and blessing for many women in difficult and high-risk pregnancies as well as for women facing complicated deliveries. 

Prayer to St. Gerard


St. Gerard, today we remember mothers of children with special needs. May they always cherish their children and have the love-energy to do all that is required of them. Amen.

St. Gerard Updates

Mothers are the greatest supporters and promoters of devotion to St. Gerard. They feel and know firsthand the power of his intercession.